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Back to school…

This time of year, is comprised of rushing around getting school supplies, school clothes and trying to fit in one more summer trip before it all gets started again. Before you know it, there will be ball games, practices, school events and sleep overs. Life will be chaos once again. The kids will be busy, and so will you, so make sure that the new school year gets started out right, by making it as seamless as possible…getting up on time! How do you get the kiddos to start going to bed on time and make it easier for them to get up on time? Here are a few suggestions to make life a bit more bearable as school gets back into swing. 1.) Gradually reel in bedtime. It doesn’t have to start all at once, it can be a gradual process such as reestablishing bedtime at 11:00, then the next week its 10:00, then 9:00 and so forth. This way it is not such an abrupt change to the body, and they can actually get to sleep. 2.) Put an end to grazing. I’m not saying lock up the food but getting into the habit of eating on a schedule is helpful to get the body back into eating at regular intervals which will benefit them while in class. 3.) Go clothes shopping together. The dreaded task of getting ready in the morning will be a lot easier if clothes are laid out the night before. So, with that in mind, have the first week’s outfits picked out will decrease the stress levels in the house while the other routine activities get back on track. 4.) Back to a bathing schedule. We all know sometimes bath time can be a hassle, especially if their favorite show is on or a game they like to play never ends. So putting bath time on the schedule for them at night just helps the whole house run better. 5.) Organize school essentials the night before. This can include any lunches or snacks. Make it easier for you and for them! Depending on your child’s age, maybe they can make their own lunch! Following a few or all of the tips should make getting back to school a whole lot better!

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